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About us...

We are an Interior Finishings Company offering the full interior service. We specialize in Metal Ceiling Grid, Insulation, Plasterboard Supply, Plasterboard Installation, Plasterboard Plastering and Painting. 

We have experience in all aspects of building work ranging from homes built by Volume Builders, Architecturally Designed Homes, Renovations, Commercial, Rest Homes.  

Licensed Building Practitioner

License number:- 119501

Supply & Installation of Metal Battens

As part of our full interior service we offer the supply and installation of Metal battens. We have partnered with USG Boral for all our ceiling grid. Metal Ceiling Grid is used to form a flat level substrate that your Ceiling linings will then fix to.

Our highly skilled installers have over 20 years of experience installing metal ceiling grid, using laser equipment to ensure all work is true and level.

If you need a Metal Ceiling Grid quote call us today on 0800 479 349

Supply & Installation of Insulation

We source all brands of Insulation from Polyester to Fiberglass and can arrange to have a team of experienced installers on your project.

If you need an insulation quote call us today on 0800 479 349

Plasterboard Supply And Delivery

At LPBS we use Gib Plasterboard as our preferred wall and ceiling linings. Gib® is the market leader in the Plasterboard industry.

When offering the service of Plasterboard supply we take away the hassle for you by undertaking the following process:

** Measure each job, room by room to ensure the correct sheet sizes are ordered.
** We will then process the order with our merchant.
** We will then keep in close contact with you advising you on what day and time the Plasterboard will be delivered to site.

If your site is tricky for access, we will arrange someone from Gib® to visit the site to determine the type of delivery required.

If you need a Plasterboard quote call us today on 0800 479 349

Plasterboard Installation

At LPBS we have a large number of highly skilled Plasterboard Installers. We can have as little as two or up to ten installers on your job, depending on the size of your project.

We ensure our installation process is done to the manufacturer's specifications and at the completion of the job you are issued with Council documentation - Record of Work (ROW) signed by a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP); for piece of mind.

If you need a Plasterboard Installation quote call us today on 0800 479 349

Plasterboard Stopping

At LPBS we have a large number of expert Plasterboard stoppers. All of our Plasterers come with many years experience and have completed hundreds of jobs.

As this is an extremely important part of your project to get right, we focus on making sure our stoppers take extreme pride and have a high level of enthusiasm in their work, and with the systems and procedures we have in place the quality is guaranteed every time.

If you need a stopping quote call us today on 0800 479 349


We have dedicated and experienced painters that are skilled to take on any painting job. We can paint your exterior as well as your interior.

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